Basic Waxing Workshop (For beauty beginners)

NSI Basic Depilatory Waxing - Great for beauty beginners

(£180) OFFER PRICE £150

The course

This one day course aimed to introduce this popular and highly profitable salon treatment consists of a theory session with practical assessments through out the training.

Emphasis is put on the ability of the therapist to perform a confident and competent wax treatment.

You will learn the techniques of warm waxing (pot) and the basic theory of hot film waxing.

Covering legs, underarm, bikini, eyebrow and upper lip/chin.


*Case studies MAY be required to be completed to gain qualification

This training gives you an industry recognised insurance based NSI Certificate


The requirements

You will be required to sign a disclaimer form before any training takes place.

Students maybe expected to work on each other for this course. Unless they can bring a hairy model.

Once a deposit is paid you are accepting the TERMS & CONDITIONS of The Beverley Robinson School of Nails and Beauty


Training Price £180 (OFFER PRICE £150)

** You use our kits in training

A Deposit secures your place...

 *A Hairy Model will be required

Contact us on 01664 567575 to book